This website serves as a portfolio of my works, in a photo-gallery format.

Off Center Horbor’s mission is simple, “to provide authentic know-how for boaters worldwide, while inspiring the use of well-designed boats to connect with friends, family and nature.”

Love Equals Gravity is a philosophy and a state of mind that I ascribe to, and am patiently articulating.  I am developing the website in the intension of sharing ideas through art, and messages displayed simply.

If you were to see the plethora of outdoor spaces produced by All Decked Out, you would be surprised at how small the staff is.  I have worked full time with All Decked Out since 2007, and this still crosses my mind regularly.  All Decked Out is a landscape design and build company, started by Kilian Ganly in 1999.  My contributions to the company include gardening, stonework, carpentry and irrigation.

I was trained in dry-stone walling and landscaping under the teaching of Chris Tracey from 2002 to 2007.  Chris and Kathy Tracey have run a very unique and successful landscaping company from their home in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts since 1984.

I collaborate with Nasozi Kakembo, artist and owner of Origins Style, on custom made-to-order furniture projects.  Origins Style is based out of Brooklyn, NY, and blending elements of African-inspired textile design with authentic Brooklyn flare.

I humbly promote Chike Nwabukwu.  Among his many contributions to our generation, is his persistent advocacy for Capoeira Angola in the international community, its history, its pertinence, and creating its future now.  Here, he provides a space for furthering these values through dialogue.

Another brain child of Chike Nwabukwu, Afropolitan Legacy Theater is a production company that shares the Afropolitan experience through film, theater and social media.

I am a member of Angoleiros do Brooklyn, a Brooklyn based Capoeira Angola group. Capoeira Angola is an art form, a martial art, a philosophy, a way of movement, and a way of life.  Our members come from a variety of backgrounds, i.e. filmmakers social workers mathematicians actors writers carpenters healers and much more.  One of the many common threads among us, are that we practice Capoeira Angola.  Our group functions as a community resource that helps youth families and adults connect through art and culture.

I am a born artist.  Art speaks to me more deeply and silently than any other language.  Trusting this, I am very critical of what speaks and what doesn’t, and what is trying to.  Soull Ogun, the creator of alkhemi9, makes art that speaks so hard that it vibrates until new pieces of vocabulary spring off it, leaving a trail of a very heightened sense of aesthetic.




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